Our drink gurus are bringing some old classics back to life with an Anchor Line signature twist.

At The Anchor Line we let you design your perfect drink. Choose your base spirit, style, garnish, and whether you’d like it Martini (stirred) or Bradford (shaken) style. Can’t decide? Ask one of our expert bartenders to point you in the right direction. The inspiration behind our first drinks menu has been pre and post prohibition style drinks, brought into the 21st Century.

Some have been adapted and changed somewhat into our signature serves, others are based on recipes from cocktail books printed in that era. Regardless of the history of each drink, we have tried, most of all, to include something for everyone.

With that in mind, our bartenders are also more than happy to mix any of your own concoctions.

Here at The Anchor Line we like to celebrate the relationship between America and Scotland, and what better way than with Scottish Whisky and American Whiskey.

At The Anchor Line we have an extensive cocktail list with classics lying alongside some of our own signature twists, and a drinks list with a strong whisky, bourbon and gin influence. Scottish craft beers and a wine list incorporating some of the finest America and the rest of the world has to offer.